Monday, February 8, 2010

my nightmare.

it was happened last two screaming people.but to me,its too scary.i'm afraid if i'll losing 'him' as in my nightmare.i can see other girl's name after his name.combined together uniquely as what i was did.i put my name and his name together.i love sweet.i still can remember that name.i hope i can see her face.sure this will disappoint me,but i'll accept.but i dont want to tell anybody.i want nobody to my dream,i can see that name clearly.but i wish i can see that girl i know,i never heard that name before.out of blue,that 'special' name appears in my dream.for what?i dont it a hint?or just a dream.yes,i'll take serious this matter.i'll find out who is that girl.i promise i'll not hurt her.i promise.maybe he not my mate.i'll accept this fate.mybe God will come with a 'plan B'.but i know him very well.he's faithful.he's willing to accept me no matter not beautiful as snow white.not perfect like Rasulullah.i just girls who have feelings of jealousy and distrust.I always make mistakes.I'm not perfect.but I always learn from mistakes.I'm ready for any possibility.let me know if you're bored with me.if you do not love me like before.I will try to be the best for you.I'm always busy.manage all my homework.this year is determining my future.I need to work hard.I apologize if there is no time to be with you.I want to remind you and I want you to know that I always faithful,love you.
bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya

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