Saturday, January 21, 2012

masih meneruskan kehidupan.

ya.masih di sini.mungkin jari tak selincah dulu.
tapi aku masih meneruskan kehidupan yg berbaki entah berapa lama lg.
usia semakin menginjak ke angka 19.soon.
and the only thing i know is,i have to keep myself strong in order to fight for STPM :)
mungkin byk masa dihabiskan dgn mengulang kaji.because this is the time for everything.
it will take me to whether live or go die.
till now,a lot of things had happened to me.almost everything.about love,friends,family and study.
but whatever the problems are,i tried to face it.without hesitations.

'easy come.easy go.'that was what my father said.
the good things are not always easy to get.take note that in life,difficulties are everywhere.
driving test,first date are not always easy and have to find it hard before it get easier when you keep yourself strong.
people,whatever you doing,always bear in mind that all the problems that you are facing now are just keeping you stonger day by day :)
so be strong.because Allah is there for you when no one not.

lots of love,

bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya