Sunday, March 14, 2010


nothing beneficial things i have done today.wake up late.its 11 in the morning.almost noon.and thank god.i dont need to hear my mum nagging as always.mybe she's tired take care a hardcore daughter like me :p
after taking my bath,im ready to go to my brother's friend wedding.its at Guar Sanji.i never know this place before.hina betul laa :p

straight away to Padang Besar.niat sebenar na cuci mata tp..Pdang Besar is one of an attractive places in Perlis.perfectly for a shopaholic like,what else?since im already here,i do my part time!and im really enjoying it.

bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya

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