Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bahasa dan Pengajian Perniagaan.

its been a while since i update my blog.
well im quite busy right now.because i back to school again,yeayy!=.=

Pengajian Perniagaan.
hampa tau first impression aku bila sampai kat kedai Pustaka Aman utk cari buku rujukan STPM?
what the?they have two books for each subject which is Paper One and Paper Two.
and you know what?each book have about 400 pages and just imagine,the total of the pages that i have to study for a subject!and same goes to other subjects,Bahasa Melayu,History,Pengajian Am.
but cool babe.till last night,i managed to study PP till chapter two,subtopic 2.4.another two subtopics to go to chapter 3.PP only have 4 chapters in Paper One.But i thinks chapter 3 is quite though as in examination,paper one has two parts A and B.
Part A
you must answers all the questions given.
for question one,there are about 10 short questions.
and for question two,you have to answer based on the chapter 3 which is Fungsi Perniagaan.
( and i feel that it is important for me to study and understand chapter 3 )
Part B
you have to answers any two questions from the six questions given.

Bahasa Melayu
it also have two books,paper one and paper two.
for paper one,the questions are in objectif.and pretty well easy.haha.
but not so easy la,because i have to study chapter one  ( Asal Usul Bahasa Melayu ),chapter two ( Bahasa Melayu Kuno ),chapter three ( Bahasa Melayu Klasik ),chapter four ( Bahasa Melayu Moden ) and much more.but i have studied till chapter know how i love bahasa much?they have great and beautiful bahasa melayu kuno,for the very first time,i know Tahun Saka,bulan Asaka,and many unique beautiful words.

bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya

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