Saturday, June 11, 2011

sacrifices are needed to be what you want to be.

This is what we called Rakyat Malaysia Boleh!

" tanpa pengorbanan,kita tidak akan dapat berada di mana kita mahu berada. " - Dr Afifi

so pija,keep on,dont give up,do this for your parents and for your future.and show your haters,you can do much more better than them.being a student in Form 6 is not as bad as other people thought.all you have to do  is,double up your effort and make sacrifices to be who you want to be.if you sad,and feeling like give up already,just keep it to yourself.dont show to others especially your parents.because they will feel sorry for you.keep on smiling and show the world you are strong and brave enough to manage your life and conflict in your beautiful are 18 and please be are not a lil girl dont always need a Barbie or a giant teddybear to calm your heart.all you needs are think and act like you are 18.when you wake up early in the morning,and feel like you dont want to go to school anymore,look at your parents,look at their old tired face.they had made sacrifices to take care of you,they give you education and all kind of stuff that have made you be what you are today.and when you are sitting alone,drinking Justea like what you always do when you are in form 5,and guess whats your friends do at their collage at that time,just look at other people who dont even have the chance to further their study not even in Form 6.
dont look back,ignore your haters and just be can do it.
if God's willing.


bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya