Tuesday, June 14, 2011

im okay.

yes.can you feel me?im okay.totally :)
i realised that i have a great life.great parents and great friends.
im not alone.and im thankful for every single of it.
thanks God.you have planned everything well.
mom.dad.thanks for what you have done.
thanks for your love.thanks for your advice.and thanks for your warm hug and kisses.
there's no point for me to be upset.i have everything in this life.
La tahzan.God is always besides you.
i have a chance to learn something new in my life.
and i have a chance to improve my life to be a better muslimah.
i just need someone who can guide me.

bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya

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