Sunday, May 23, 2010


guess wudd?
im logged in my tagged acc just now,
oh my God.
its him.
on 'who view ur profile' boxes.
wudd the hell he viewing my profile?!
he miss me?
double HA!
its relly damn funny joke ever ;D
ofcourse its NOT.
well,myb because his girlf asked him to do that.
who his girlf?
GOOD,..stupid question.
triple HA!
that girl ...
that bitch ...
even my ex has left me bcos of her.
clap your hand,please.
for her winning.
wudd ever,nvm.
i didnt love him.
not even ONCE okayy.
i want to make a confession.
for almost 9 month i've been with him,
my love is not for him.
okayy,im STUPID.
yes,i am.
im just feel sorry for him.
now,he's in love wit his 'kakat angkat'.
which is the BITCH.
wudd a stupid boy.
yes,i called her BITCH.
saya dah maki dia.
andd im not suprised if he view my profile.
myb he want to see wudd i had did to his beloved girlf.
listen here carefully.
wudd ever loser.
i dont care.
u start it first.
now u have to face me.
dont u ever dare to text me or call me.
get it bitch?!
bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya

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