Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nyahh.thanks a lot.

1624 - nyahhhh! i know u. but we didnt get along. but last year, we when to the same class. u r so down to earth but sometimes u r a bit pessimist.but its alright. we laughed a lot in class right :D 

u like to ask me about make up and stuff, thats really make me please because i can feel the spirit of nyahh when i expalin to u xD 

u still  remember when we practise for BM drama at malin's house? it was so fun. haha! u wanted to lose weight and u did. 

seriously ure amazing. 

hope ure success in life and bussiness :) - nazhatul zulaiha najib aka nyahh.

notakaki : oh nyahhh,i wanna cry.seriously.haha :D
thanks to you and malin,you are soo rock!always laugh and laugh and laugh.and its never end

bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya

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