Wednesday, September 28, 2011

final and MUET.

final exam and MUET are just around da corner baaybiyy.yay?nay?
i dont know why im sooo excited.err nervous to be exact.
oh come onnn,its just a test.BASICALLY.
but for me,it means a lot.
getting 3 and above tu dh mcm happy sial nak mampus.
pdhal bg org lain biasa je.kan.
but alhamdulillah,i managed to get 3 and above for my august test.
a good start :)
yeah keep fighting girl!
i dont feel like i want to describe and tell you my marks for every subject.
let it be a secret.forever.muahhaha.alah takde la bagus sgt.kau lg bagus baa.
okay.forget bout that.nothing interesting except my english.haha.its kinda bad.yaa i know.
tadi test speaking for MUET.
hehehe.sgt menggelikan tengkuk aku.
aku ada byk isi tapi mcm bila turn aku nk cakap,aku rasa lost.
point je aku ckp,elaboration mcm err ckit.
" perlu dikupas lagi. " - teacher Hasni.
tapi mrkah aku up kat task B.hehe
best pulak bangkang-2 pandangn org ni.
well thats all.
good night people.
have a sweeet dream

bacalah.walaupun kau tidak setuju.walaupun kau tahu ceritanya

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